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Enable customers and travel agents to check your
room availability online with minimal disclosure.

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The basic version of AvailApp is free of charge! With the free version, you can manage your rooms and bookings online. You can give travel agents access to your availabilty and you have fine-grained control over who sees what. You can also export all your data to Excel at any time.

It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started with managing your availability online. And as your business demands grow, AvailApp will grow with you!

Unlock premium features

AvailApp offers a lot of additional paid features like:

  • Booking widget for you own website: Let customers check availability and book right from your own website. No commissions!
  • Invoicing: Write your invoices right from AvailApp, send them to your customers and partners and manage payment status.
  • Rates: Set up your pricing information in AvailApp with multiple tariffs (e.g. public rates, tour operator rates, honeymoon rates) and special offers (e.g. early bird, long stay, free nights). You can share this tariff information with your travel agents and website widget.
  • Channel manager: Synchronize your availability with, Agoda, Expedia etc.
  • State flows: Let your bookings transition automatically between different states based on rules you define.
  • Contact us if you need a specific feature. These are just the most popular ones and we can add new features on request.

If you want to try one or more of the premium features, please sign up for a free account and set up your first property. Then, contact us and we will unlock the features of your choice for a free trial period. Pricing is currently on request only and depends on your required feature set, number of rooms and contract length. We guarantee that we'll give you the most value for money over any competitor.