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Enable customers and travel agents to check your
room availability online with minimal disclosure.

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AvailApp is the right choice for small to medium sized hotels and guest houses. Here's why:

Easy to use & flexible backend

The AvailApp backend is where you enter all your bookings and options. It takes only 2 clicks to accomplish.

Colors let you keep apart different states of a booking and the travel agents associated with it.

Fine grained control over your data

We know that many property managers are concerned about sharing their full availability information with travel agents or even the general public. Protecting this sensitive information often comes at the cost of inefficient processes and less occupancy.

With AvailApp you can have it both: Giving your travel agents and website visitors a way to check vacancies in real time and keeping the details for yourself. For each agent or website you can make fine grained decisions what they can see. For example a trusted, high-volume travel agent of yours might get full access to roomwise daily occupancies while a new agent might only get a yes/no answer for each room category you're offering.

Adapts to your existing workflows

Unlike other solutions, AvailApp does not come as an over-engineered, monolytic software suite that imposes its workflows on your company.

For example, initially, a booking in AvailApp can have only one of two states: "option" and "occupied". If your workflow requires more states like "partially paid" or "fully paid", you can add them yourself. Same goes for all kind of additional information you want to save along with a booking. Want to store a guest's flight numbers together with the booking? Just add a new custom field...

There is more..

If you like, you can enhance AvailApp with additional paid modules that make your daily business even easier:

Booking widget: Let customers check your room availability and make bookings right from your website. No programming skills needed and commision-free.

Channel manager: Synchronize your availability automatically with,, Expedia and the likes.

Invoicing: Create your invoices directly in AvailApp.

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