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Invoicing module

The AvailApp invoicing module enables you to create invoices, share them via email/link and download them as PDF files.

To check whether the invoicing module is enabled for your account, click on any booking. If you see and the word “Invoices:” and a sign below, the module is enabled. If not, please contact AvailApp support and ask to get the module enabled.

Invoice templates

To customize your invoices with your company details or even your own corporate design, you have to create an invoice template. They are also the place for basic settings like currency and sales tax.

You need at least one invoice template in your account in order to be able to create invoices. If you just want to test drive the invoicing feature, you can go skip creating your own invoice template and just click the sign when editing any booking (a standard template is automatically generated for you if you don't have one). For a small fee, we also offer a service to setup your invoice templates according to a design sample you send us. Read more about invoice template here.

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