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Getting Stated Guide for Agents

So you are probably here because a property owner created an account for you. With AvailApp you can now check the availability of their properties online. This gives you the ability to react faster to sales inquiries because you don't have to manually write or call the property owner. Using our API you can even integrate the availabilty into your own website.

In the initial email you should be able to find your login credentials. One great thing about AvailApp is that that your will have only one account for all property owners you work with. So if another property owner starts using AvailApp as well, you can check the properties of both owner at once (provided the give you access of course).

How to make an availability request

After you log in, you will see a request form at the top of the page. There you can enter the check-in and the check-out date. If you like, you can also fill in the number of adults and the number of children. After you hit “check”, you will be presented with the list of properties you have access to. What exactly your output looks like depends on the structure of the properties in question and also of the access level the the owner has granted you. The output should be pretty self-explanatory, though. If you see a “▸” sign next to an entry's name, you can expand it with a click. In some rare cases, an available property/category might have “1 switch necessary” standing next to it. That means that there is no unit available for the whole requested period, but it is possible to accomodate the guests if they agree to switch units once during their stay.

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